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Bulk submit accounts in CRM 2011 for Dynamics Connector

If you are using the Microsoft Dynamics Connector for CRM you can submit accounts to be transferred by settings these CRM account fields:

address1_dynamics_integrationkey = address1_Name

address1_dynamics_integrationkey = address2_Name

dynamics_integrationkey = accountnumber

dynamics_isreadyforintegration = true


CRM 2011 Close Quote Dialog Box customization

Here’s how to change the default value from “Create a revised quote” to “Do not revise this quote” in the Close Quote dialog box.

  1. Find the file dlg_close.aspx in folder %programfiles%\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\SFA\quotes and backup a copy of it.
  2. Edit the file and insert the following script lines at:

Sys.Application.add_load(function() {
//Custom code to set default radio button Daniel Bergsten 130902
document.getElementById(“rdNoRevisedQuote”).checked = true;
document.getElementById(“rdCreateRevisedQuote”).checked = false;

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