CRM 2011 Outlook error, store not configured

Symptoms: CRM for Outlook client gave me this error “The set of folders cannot be opened <storenotconfigured>”.

Solution: Run the command: outlook.exe /resetnavpane

This will reset Outlook and solve the issue.


10 thoughts on “CRM 2011 Outlook error, store not configured

  1. Lubosch

    Look at
    and if you have different value try to change to dword:00000409 or to same value as is your base language of CRM 2011 Server

      1. Fabrizio

        Hi Marc, we tried the solution “outlook.exe /resetnavpane” suggested by danield, but in our case that didn’t help. What solved the problem for us, was the solution suggested by Lubosch.

  2. steve

    I deleted all the files in the following folder and it worked for me. This fix was from MS.

  3. Peter

    None of the described solutions worked for me… 😦 I am totally lost…
    Any other idea?

  4. Malcolm McAuley

    A few of our users just experienced this and the above solution didn’t work for them either. Turns out their server time was off by a few minutes and this caused issues. As soon as the time changed back the issue resolved and they were able to use CRM folders again.
    That said, Friday the issue was resolved but one of those staff is now off-site and can’t track again… :-S


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